Things To Do With Kids Under Stress of COVID-19

While this COVID-19 (Corona Virus) all has us locked up and getting the sudden urge of cabin fever, it's important to keep our minds busy and our bodies moving. The difference is, it is between our 4 walls and the streets of our neighborhood.

So many children are engrossed in their electronic devices. If your child is not one that has schoolwork to do remotely, it would be best to download a couple of books at their reading level to engage in. It's important for your child to have an imagination and to always get better at reading. Three weeks is an awful long time without reading a book. If you have a small child, sit down with them and read a couple of books. They are short enough and you get the bond with your child. Who knows, maybe you'll put them to sleep! Win for the moms? Maybe...

Another great item to look into is taking your children for walks around the block. It's a great way to get some activity in without taking them to the park. If you have kids of multiple ages, but in close range, you can do little events like "who can make it to the stop sign faster?" They need to be entertained, challenged and burn off all that energy!

And HELLLLLO mama or/ and papa bear, what better time for SPRING CLEANING! You have all these cute little monsters running around... or maybe some that aren't that cute (teenagers lol) that you can be putting to good use. Go through their rooms and clean out any items that don't fit or they aren't playing with anymore and start a donation pile. If you want a garage sale, perfect time to start tagging items for the amount of money you want to sell them for. One year, we walked the entire block and made a block sale. Now, they have great apps like "Next Door" where you can reach your neighbors remotely if you don't have their number. So while you are working on your own home, you are also bringing the community together.

You can also get them involved in the kitchen. When I was little, my mother had us make peanut butter wagons. You cut celery into 3" slices, take two toothpicks and stick them through the opposite ends and add carrots as wheels and top the celery with peanut butter. It creates a healthy protein snack, gets them involved which increases their healthy eating habits, and it's a little project. For bigger, trustworthy kids, give them the knife to start making home cooked dinner. You're giving them the tools to be an adult without having to go out and eat fast food. You could go a step further and have them pick out the recipe and make the meal with supervision. The grocery stores are still open so they can provide you with a list and you can bring the items home if you're not allowing them out.

Play board games. If you don't have any or are not keen on going to the store at this time,

order simple, fun games like Phase-10, Rummy, Farkle, Mexican Train Dominos, or for more traditional board game that are challenging and fun, Ticket to Ride, Catan or a new popular game, Villainous. Remember, puzzles are always a classic and they can take hours of focus to complete. Nothing like working as a team!

If you have any fun things to do with your kids that is worth sharing, post in the comments below! I'm sure all the mom's out there will appreciate the different options available!

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