Plastic Football Space Saver

The COVID-19 epidemic has us all hunkered down in our houses. We are probably all doing that spring cleaning, small home repairs that have been lingering or yard work. My cousin taught me this trick long ago and I am itching to share with you!

Since the population is in grocery stocking mode, we all have our lovely plastic bags in abundance laying around. With the amount of plastic bags we have, we need to do something where they aren’t a big ball of clutter in our way. When I said I fell in love with this, I did. If you have children, this might keep them busy for at least 20 minutes... depending how many bags & children you have!

Turn this into THIS!

I store all my football grocery bags in a Sam Adam Boston Lagar 6 pack box... you may choose something a little more “you”. I had this leftover from a birthday party 4 years ago.

This is really simple. See photos below for examples. Basically, you’re folding the bag in half longways two times. Then you start making little triangles until the very end. Once at the end, you stick the little tail in and you have your plastic football. It’s great for putting in your purse or jacket pocket for walking the dog and picking up his little gifts. Or giving your friend a bag for some dirty clothes, etc. possibilities are endless!


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