Facebook Friend Debate

Updated: May 24

Social media can be dangerous. You have predators, if you say the wrong thing, you can lose your job...maybe a REAL friend. At what expense? Being your authentic self? Well, if you are being your authentic self.

Facebook's mission statement is "to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what's going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them" (

Let me give you an example of where my

thought came from over this brewed coffee. Yesterday, I went shopping at Bordine's for some flowers with my mother. We ran across this flower called Celosia, Twisted, Red. We each thought it was extemely interesting and had beautiful coloring. The one thought I had was that it mimics... well I’ll leave it to your imagination. If I were to be my authentic self and say that on social media, would it be appropriate? They say to "know your audience".

Also, I do know that you can build your profile and categorize your friends who whom you can share your post with. But here is the deal, let's say you allow one of your closest co-workers (whom now is a friend) to see this post. You know they appreciate your authentic self... But that co-worker goes to work, laughs, shows another co-worker and well now, down the rabbit hole you go.

At what point in time is it ok to be your social media authentic self? Do you just be that around close friends and family in person? Just family? And at what threshold do you think someone should be "offended"? Each person is the different with their thresholds... But does holding back your sense of humor with others make you feel unhappy. By the time you posted your comedy, what emotions does one go through before posting. "OH man! My boss might find this funny yet unprofessional" or "OH geez, her view on 'x-y-z-' is outta this world! Is she crazy?" Is the great debate with yourself worth the post? I had that stupid great debate this morning and lost with the image I'd portray to others. By others, I mean work friends.

Within that mission statement, it states "to stay connected with family and friends". By definition of the mission statement, you should feel like you are in a safe space to say whatever you'd like. So this is the GREAT DEBATE question: If you virtually befriend a co-worker/ person on a closed facebook profile, do you think it is ok to lose your job based on your posts? Please respectfully post your comments below, i'm curious of the responses (no judgement zone).


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